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1st house :  Usually dominating, blood red complexion, prone to cut and burns, wound mark on face, angry temperament, full of energy, active, earns lot of name and fame if posited in aries, scorpio and Capricorn.

2nd house : strong mars blesses with enormous family property, red eyes, dominating voice, boils and pimples on face, earn through mechanical equipment, abundant wealth, non-vegetarian, not very good for marital life as it aspects 8th house.

3rd house : very courageous, sportsman, entrepreneurship, may not have cordial relationship with younger siblings, can not be suppressed by anybody, healthy and famous.

4th House: very good for property and vehicles but may have domestic disturbances, not very good for father’s health, dominating mother, Manglik yoga which can cause marital discord, gain of conveyances, gains from real estate, gets favour from king.

5th house: Well placed mars gives early child, highly intelligent and logical in approach, child birth by caesarean, holds high government post, mental disorder, if apsected by malefics, gains through share market, wife may suffer abortion.  

6th house : competitive spirit, win over enemies, danger of accidents, natural inclination towards debt, brave, winning spirit, blood disease, beware of sharp weapons, name, fame and success in undertakings, suffers from hyperacidity, do not have control on spendings.

7th House: Disagreement between couple unless exalted and own house, dominating partner, not good for partnerships, association with sun can cause separation, fond of drinking liquor, highly passionate in sex, aspect of Jupiter can ward-off evil results.

8th House: Dominating In laws, sudden gain  of property, may invest in lotteries, frequent accidents, danger of weapons, excellent position for surgeons, research engineers, eye troubles, gain from chemical industries pesticides, chant Hanuman Chalisa.

9th house: disagreement with father and boss, desire to excel religiously, excellent for long journeys, dominating father, king’s favourite, injuries on hip, fight for genuine cause and proving supremacy of religion, excellent for Post graduation.

10th House: holds powerful post in government, associated with defence, weapon research, real estate, machinery, computer programming if conjunct with mercury, takes interest in medication, devoted to Guru, famous, competitive environment at office, however weak mars can cause rheumatism, inflammation of joints.

11th house: excellent position for Mars, gains from high class friends, quickly realises the gains, brave, name and fame, may have disagreement with elder brother, gain from defence articles, abortion to wife, injury on arms.

12th house: Natural inclination towards sport and physical activity, Yoga, associated with Hospitals, punishes the criminals, export-import, spends recklessly, Manglik yoga, detachment from loved ones, false vanity.