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1st house :  Very handsome but mentally fickle, usually happy at watery places, being a satvik planet individual becomes learned in hindu scriptures, Jupiter aspect makes him wealthy and famous, emotional and always worried about family welfare.

2nd house : very beautiful face, gets emotional support from family, if exalted confers lot of wealth, highly educated, pleasing smile, soft in speech, affectionate towards members of family

3rd house : being benefic 3rd house moon is not good for efforts but lucky in terms of siblings, more younger sisters, numerous journeys within country, religious inclination

4th House: very powerful placement, gets elected as local leader and parliament, pious character, peaceful domestic life, mother has dominant role in family, weak moon however can give sick mother, lot of conveyances, High status in Government

5th house: blesses with creative mind unless aspected by Saturn, More daughters, deep inclination in mantras and religious rites, fickle in love matters, Uncontrolled emotions, if exalted confers celebrity status, takes interest in feeding others, do pious deeds,

6th house : disease free  body, however weak moon can cause diseases related to water, should not stay near to water bodies, love to serve people in mental distress, emotional counsellor, lacks to courage to fight against enemies, stomach ailments.

7th House: gets beautiful and good character wife, Emotional bonding is strong, not very good for partnerships unless aspected by strong Benefics, always follows other’s views, weak moon can cause two marriages, name and fame from government

8th House: Strong moon definitely gives lot of inherited property, unless exalted or own house can curtails longevity, However others yogas to be assessed first, danger from drowning, finds pleasure in learning mantras, tantras and astrology, can energise kundalini through Bhakti,

9th house: enjoys long journeys for pleasure, lot of pilgrimage, Mother acts more or less like father in family, being 6th from 4th house not good for mother’s health, very fortunate, deep connection with Gurus and Father, children would bring name and fame, involves in pious deeds.

10th House: Government job, if moon is in cancer/ Taurus, emotionally connected with job, loves to work on short-term projects, not very satisfied with one environment, frequent change in job profile, success early in life.

11th house: very good placement for Moon, lot of liquid gains, strongly connected with professional circle, friendship with powerful female individuals, will have interest in share market and shot terms gains, long term plans may be missing, blessed with elder sibling

12th house: Brings Isolation, excellent placement for meditation, yoga and pranayama, builds powerful connection with esoteric energies, Reiki healers, Saints,  inclined towards learning secrets of Mantras, some connection with mentally handicapped is usually found.