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1st house : good health, wise, good conduct, bilious constitution, eye defect, acidic stomach, highly intelligent, name and fame (in Aries)

2nd house : Enormous wealth (Leo and aries), diseases of eye and mouth, learned in scriptures, astrologer, gets the family wealth, 25th year, may incur wrath of government

3rd house : sun association with malefics may denies younger sibling, brave fighter, good reputation, enjoys his wealth, goes to holy pilgrimage, always prevails over enemies, recognised by State.

4th House: excellent for political and public life, but not very positive for family life, 32nd onwards very good life, may acquire high class conveyance.

5th house: wise, brilliant but few children, but if sun is with rahu or ketu can cause problem to children, devote to SUN God, learned in mantra Shastra, heart disease

6th house : Destroyer of enemies, good reputation but mental worries, wealth will be spent on friends or Government, Bad for maternal uncle, Danger to life from sharp horned animals.

7th House: In case of malefic association late marriage, Ego clash with Spouse or business partners, fares well in Leo sign- good married life

8th House: Leo and aries sign- long life, eye disease, become owner of land of own choice, excellent for research and finding hidden knowledge, uses mantra to energise kundalini energy.

9th house: Religious and devotee to Sun God, but not very fortunate, may have differences with father, pilgrimages, but in own sign leo- produces excellent result in terms of wealth and family, association with Government.

10th House: excellent position of Sun, confer power and prestige, name and fame, do pious deeds, donate large amount in temples, and occupies envy position in society.

11th house: Friends belong to powerful group, benefits through government, diplomatic talks, immense wealth, association with 2nd & 4th lord- gain from various sources.

12th house: 12th being marna sthna, cause confusion of purpose in life, gain from father, may donate wealth for charity, excellent for spiritual progress, uses mantra for meditation, weak health.