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Mithuna (Gemini) Rashi

Gemini or Mithun Natives are communicative and multitasking.They love to talk either deliberately or in the form of gossiping. They can be called as “master of Ideas”. If somebody approaches them with anything, they can spill lot of innovative things. It is also a sign of information and natives born under this sign are bank of informations. They love to collect information through various sources. Generally thinly built and tall in disposition, they are generally victim of nervous breakdowns. Their mind is extremely active and exert extreme pressure on nervous system. Hence these natives are advised to do ” Pranayan and Meditation” on daily basis. Being an excellent communicator, gemini natives choose career in writing, salesman, contractors, engineering, postal services, journalism, lecturers, accountants and similar fields. Their ability of quick grasping of subject makes them ” Jack of all trades”. They are true flirt and find difficulty in sticking with one relation. But once married, they remain loyal. It is ruled by ‘Mercury’, a planet of communication and logical thinking. Gemini are very intelligent and generally strong in calculations. Being multitasking, they are true assets for an organisation and they are those ‘smart workers’ who can handle several tasks with lease effort. Great businessman and entrepreneurs are born under this sign. So If you are a ‘Gemini’…you are gifted with unique trait of charming any person including opposite sex..what a great sign!!!!!